Drinks menu

Our wines

  • Solaris 2020 95/380 kr
  • Solaris Muscaris 2021 90/350 kr
  • Solaris Barrique 2021 120/500 kr
  • Late Harvest 80kr /5cl
  • Pinot Noir rose 2019 95/380 kr

    Ett fruktigt, friskt vin med aromer av rosa körsbärsblommor och hallon

  • Orange Wine 100/400 kr
  • Pinot Noir rose - Barrique 2019 95/380 kr

Distillates and drinks

  • Gin & tonic 120 kr

    Gin made from our grape spirit, mixed with tonic and ice

  • Swedish coffee 120 kr

    Whisky, coffee, unrefined sugar. Topped with cream

  • Drufavec 60 kr /4cl

    Our distillate made of grape skins

  • Drufavec Barrique 80 kr /4cl

    Our distillate made of grape skins which has been stored in 225l oak barrels previously used for Solaris Barrique

  • Whisky 80 kr /4cl

    Malt from Wapnö which we then fermented and distilled to put on our oak barrels in which we previously had Pinot noir


  • Kullens bryggeri 85 kr /33cl

    7,2 km from the farm ask for sortiment

  • Högans pilsner 85 kr /33cl
  • Höganäs IPA 85 kr /33cl
  • Guldkällan 75 kr /50cl


  • Soda 35 kr

    Cola, cola zero, fanta, sprite

  • Apple must 45 kr

    Local apple cider from Engelbrekts

  • Vy 95kr
  • Sparkling water and light beer 35 kr
  • Non-alcoholic beer 65 kr
  • Brewed coffee and tea 30 kr

Opening hours

The restaurant

See you spring 2024


Table reservations: info@arildsvingard.se
For smaller parties (under 8 persons) no booking is usually needed only drop in.

The hotel

The hotel is open from april  2024

If you have a room booked we have a table for you in the restaurant if you would like to eat something.

For larger parties, we can open up dates that are not up for bookings of season

The glamping

The glamping season opens 1/5 2024