Skördefest 2021

Fler datum läggs till efterhand

Day Date Harvesting
with accommodation
fredag 1/10 500  1295kr/pers
 lördag  9/10  500  1295kr/pers

On the day of the harvest we gather at the vineyard at 13.00. There is a short briefing of whats to come during the day and then we head out to the wine fields in groups. After a few hours of harvesting a light meal is served accompanied with wine from the previous year. When we are done for the day in the fields we go back to the vineyard and do a short tour of the wine making process and the wine cellar. During the tour we visit the steps that follow our work in the fields and see how the grapes end up in the tanks for further processing. The tour is followed by a nice two course dinner in our restaurant, two glasses of wine is included. Coffee, avec, more wine and dessert is available for purchase in the wine bar.

It's a good idea to dress appropriately after the forecasted weather. We harvest in sun, rain, wind and what the weather might brings us, even if it's for a shorter period. If it gas been raining the days before your harvest we recommend that you wear rubber boots since the fields can get muddy when they are wet. If its been nice & dry normal shoes with a full sole is enough. Even though high heels are welcome they might be more appropriate later at the dinner.

The dresscode during the evening dinner is open for each participant to decide. Many of the returning harvesting guests come directly from the harvest to the dinner, so it's a mix of choices just as it should be on a harvesting party. -You are welcome as you are.

Privat evenemang

Vi kan skräddarsy en upplevelse för er oavsett om ni är ett litet eller stort sällskap. Här kan allt ifrån mysiga middagar med vinprovning till mässa i våra vinvalv eller konferens anordnas. Ni kan få se en levande vingård här på Kullaberg. Våra långa vinvalv är byggda som på den gamla romartiden och gården är från 1700-talet. Ni kan känna historiens vingslag kring er när ni går ute i vinfälten.