Wine tasting

We have all the prerequisites to learn more about wine

Wine tasting at Arilds Vineyard

At Arilds Vingård, we welcome all sizes of parties for a tour of wine fields, vineyards and winemaking. We offer wine tasting and education, mainly with our own wines but also with other wines from Sweden and the rest of the world on request.

A wine tasting can be built entirely based on your wishes. You can choose between different wine countries, different grapes, different production methods, etc. Of course, there are also ready-made presentations to choose from.

Our strength is that the wine tasting is educational and our hope is that you want to come back many times to learn, try and enjoy wine that is bottled poetry.

We have a tour every day during the peak season. Welcome to us to learn more about wine!

Wine education

At Arilds Vingård, we can show the entire production process and in a practical way show why different wines can be so different from each other. Annette, who holds our wine educations, has herself studied and practiced both winemaking and wine geography. She is a high school teacher in biology and science.

In 2006, Annette began reading a summer course at Alnarp’s Agricultural University on Swedish viticulture. After that, it became a three-year university education full-time where you take a bachelor’s degree as a wine scientist.

This education was given by the University of Gothenburg and several of the courses were located abroad at partner universities in different wine countries. This training concentrated 100% on wine and since we serve other drinks in our restaurant, Annette decided to also train as a Sommelier with a focus on leadership at Akademi Båstad.

During our free time, we have been active in Munskänkarna and attended their courses to try as much wine as possible. In addition, Annette has been guest worked at several wineries during harvest time, including Freiburg Wine Institute.

vinprovning och utbildning på Arilds Vingård

Welcome to Arilds Vineyard for wine tasting or education

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